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Terms of Service and Polices

1. Purpose 

At Whogohost Limited (“the Company”), we are committed to ensuring that domains registered and hosted on our platform, whogohost.com (the “Platform”) are not used for fraudulent purposes.   

This policy sets out the processes put in place by the Company to prevent the hosting of suspicious and fraudulent domains and the processes put in place by the Company to detect fraudulent domains. 

This policy also outlines how complainants can resolve complaints on fraud or any other criminal allegations on domains hosted on the Platform.

2. Scope 

This policy applies to all employees of the Company, visitors, and users of the Platform, registered clients (Registrants) and complainants.

3. Fraudulent Domain

A fraudulent domain is any domain name that is being used to commit fraud or any other cybercrime. 

Examples of fraudulent domains are domains that are used for identity theft and impersonation, cyberterrorism, forgery, advance fee fraud, other computer-related fraud, and domains that have similar names to those of a bank or any renowned financial institution. 

The Company does not register or host fraudulent domains and where fraudulent domains are inadvertently registered or hosted, they are suspended as soon as the Company’s Abuse team detects such domains. 

4. Fraud Prevention and Detection

The Abuse team performs routine monitoring of all registered domains weekly to detect any suspicious and fraudulent domains. Where any suspicious or fraudulent domain is detected, the Abuse team contacts the Registrant and requests for information pertaining to the nature of the Registrant’s business and the purpose of the domain. 

Where the Registrant provides the requested information to the Abuse team and they verify that the domain or service is being used for a legal purpose, the domain or service will not be suspended. Where the Registrant is unable to provide the requested information within a period of 7 working days or establish that the domain or service is being used for an illegal purpose, the domain or service will be suspended. 

5. Complaints 

Where there is any suspicion that a domain or service is being used for fraudulent purposes, an email should be sent to abuse@whogohost.com. 

Upon receiving a complaint, the Abuse team will evaluate the nature of the complaint, notify the Registrant and suspend the domain or service where necessary. 

A Registrant’s contact information can only be provided by the Company to the complainant where there is an order from any law enforcement agency or court to release such information to the complainant and the Company shall comply with any order received from the court or any law enforcement agency. 

The Company, may, at its discretion and after evaluating the nature of the complaint, file a formal complaint to a law enforcement agency for the due investigation of the alleged fraud or crime. 

6. Contact Information 

You can reach out to us via abuse@whogohost.com to report any fraudulent activities for any Domain name registered or hosted on our platform.